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Download Now Save to Dropbox. Hello again, everyone! I didn't expect to be speaking to you so soon after the last blog post, but over the past several days, my most trusted advisors have pressured me to bite the bullet and start releasing Forge:Re a little ahead of schedule.

You may have already noticed, but you can now download the Prologue and Chapter One via the downloads tab above. Now, rather than jabber on and on about what a momentous day this is, I'll shut up and let the game speak for itself.

Have fun, and thank you for all your support over these many years! Information on Chapter Two's release will be included in the next blog post, so keep an eye out for that! Danganronpa Forge:Re's first title screen. As expected of someone whose last name is 'Swagukami'.

A clash between Bacon's hope and Nagito's hope? I hope so! And that was how half of the cast died before the first chapter even began. Posts Pages: first 1 2 3 next last.

Frogge "nothing can beat the power of gay"? Frogge View games View playlists Close. Th-this looks so weird that I want to play it XD. Arthly 0. Arthly View games View playlists Close.

danganronpa sprites maker

You can be sure that I will play this game. Kaneshon Kaneshon View games View playlists Close.

danganronpa sprites maker

I am despaired Pikasprey Pikasprey View games View playlists Close. I'm all for this. Don't disappoint me now. STS Balthasar02 Balthasar02 View games View playlists Close. I have no idea why, but I want to play it. Make it happen.Beware of spoilers, though! Your primary concerns are finding the body shape and the pose you want. Pretty self explanatory: figure out what your character is going to look like!

Making up a brand new character is a lot of fun too! I would sketch out some design ideas on paper first, but you can always wing it. Add a new layer on top and start sketching your character. Focus instead on the things that will be changed: hair, clothes, etc. Something like this. If we hide the original sprite, we can really see the sketch starting to take shape.

Using the pen tool at 0. Characters with shorter hair, like Junko, have hair that ends in points with lots of interior lines to show hair direction. Either type of hair works - I use pointy hair for Emi, but some of my other characters have spaghetti hair. Either type is fine. Hide the sketch and bring back the base sprite. The face and the hands are the most finicky parts, so with your 0. Unless, of course, you want to edit yours a little bit. Prime examples are a sprite based on Ishimaru without the caterpillar eyebrows, or a Leon sprite without the eyeliner.

That sort of thing. Now hide the base sprite and bring back your sketch. Like the canon sprites, you want all of your lines to be smooth. Note all of the direction lines in the hair.

Rule of thumb: Every time two different colours touch, put them on different layers. Start with the skin. I like to use canon skin tones, it makes the sprites look more authentic. Load up a sprite with the skin colour you want. With your colour picker, take the lighter skin tone pick from the neck or hands, not the face.

Trust me. Take your dark tone now and look very closely at your base sprite. The face needs a bit of shading, unfortunately. I like to use the Acrylic tool for this.

See what I mean? Small details. Also, this is a good time to note that you can, of course, play with the traced parts. You can, of course, use canon hair colours, or you can choose your own. Alright, again, choose your light colour, and choose your dark colour. On a new layer, lay down the light colour and then add the dark colour for shading. The only exception is metallic parts like jewellery. Choose your light colour and fill in the jacket with the Ink Pen, and then choose the dark colour and shade in the folds.Let's start!

You can't draw or you can draw really well? It doesn't matter, you need at least one sketch of your OC. You need to have a "reference", as you might say. OK, so I recommend to use reference sprites from only one game, because they slightly changed style.

But if you hate doing that, here there are some bases. But, as I said before, I highly recommend to use sprites as bases. For example, if your OC is a mature woman, you can use Kirumi as a base.

If your OC is short, you can use Himiko or Kokichi as bases. I don't have any tips for that, sorry. Tools settings I'll never reveal my ultra secret settin.

Danganronpa Girls Dress Up

As for the stabilizer, I set it at S-6 or S If you don't know how to change it, in SAI you only have to look in the upper right corner. I think the face is the most important part for a DR OC. From the face you can already tell if a character is an extrovert or an introvert, cold or friendly, etc. As you can see, introvert, serious and cold characters have smaller eyes, while the extroverted ones have bigger eyes.

Also, you can give a sadder mouth to the introverted characters aka " : " and a happier one to the extroverted ones. I always start with the eyes. You can even trace them, if you don't have experience with this style, but always remember to modify them Personally, I have quite an experience with this style, even my style is really close to the DR one.

The eyebrows are important too because you can see if a character is calm or determined by them. In this case, we have a calm character and a determined character so I'll show you. Honestly, doing DR hair is pretty easy. There's only one detail you don't have to forget: sometimes you have to draw some lines. It's difficult to explain, but it's really easy to do.An anon asked me for tips on the Dangan Ronpa style. The pictures are captioned for some extra commentary. Respectfully means not using them to bash the character or editing them without my consent.

These notes are pretty much basic information for drawing heads, but tailored to the DR feminine style head. Memorizing the proportions will help a LOT when working on entirely new sprites as opposed to edits. If you draw Dangan Ronpa, tag which game you draw most like :D.

Keep reading. In the depths of a thick forest, a villager girl has become lost, holding a faded letter in hand, she reaches a mansion at night …. JavaScript is required to view this site. Log in Sign up. Most recent Most popular Most recent. Filter by post type All posts.

Grid View List View. Show more notes. A quick sprite edit of my Future Foundation design for Komaru!! Why am I such a toxic person? Loran Smith, the ultimate Weebo Cannibal!!

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In the depths of a thick forest, a villager girl has become lost, holding a faded letter in hand, she reaches a mansion at night … whooooop finally done!Please note that the character name with spoilers tags are not only for every post containing SDR2 or DR0 spoilers involving that character, but also for every post containing spoilers of any kind where that character is present, including photosets of unrelated sprite edits.

There are no SDR2 or DR0 spoilers in these tags except in the character name with spoilers tags, but there may be DR1 spoilers in any tag! Not every character-specific edit-specific tag listed here has been used, but most character-specific tags have been used many times, and each series-specific tag has been used many times.

Dangan Ronpa Sprite Tutorial

New tags will be added to this page as they are created! This navigation page does not currently list any "spoiler characters" beyond DR1, but any such characters would follow the same tagging format for their general tags as the characters listed here, and could also be found in the dr0 spoilers or sdr2 spoilers tags.

Note that, in the talentswap section, all tags for a character and their canon talent - for example, maizono idol or sonia princess - are reserved for them wearing their canon talent gear - for example, Maizono in her idol dress or Sonia in her princess dress.There are thousands of sprite edits in the Dangan Ronpa fandom from as many talented artists.

This is a database to assist in searching through them all. Note: this entire blog contains major spoilers for the first Dangan Ronpa game i. Using this database or following this blog is inadvisable until you have finished reading or playing the game for yourself! To search database by character, click "Search by Character".

To search database by type of sprite edit, click "Search by Edit". To see the latest sprite edits added to the database, click "Latest", but be warned that there may be SDR2 or DR0 spoilers within!

danganronpa sprites maker

Note that the "Random" link finds a completely random sprite edit from this blog. Spoilers for anything are very well possible! Note on browser compatibility: This blog looks best on Chrome, but should work nearly as well on Firefox. Safari currently won't read the Latest page and has some text spacing issues, but I'll try to fix those.

The navigation trees will probably not work on IE 7 or below, but I have no idea what it looks like on any version of IE including the more modern ones, so if you're using IE send me an ask!Hello, Guest!

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Here there is, finally! The long awaited sprite tutorial!

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